iTivity DoubleVision Pro allows you to take remote control of any console, SSH, telnet or terminal session and quickly resolve support or administrator issues. Magnatech can help you and your business install DoubleVision or assist you with any issues you may be having with it.

DoubleVision Pro Features

  • Full Keyboard Control
    • Lock the remote keyboard, or leave it unlocked so that a session can be controlled from either location.
  • Instantaneous Screen Tracking
    • DoubleVision True ScreenTM displays the host screen’s attributes with no lag or “catch up” time.
  • Instant Replay
    • Replay any number of screens in a session. Quickly see the cause of error messages and user problems.
  • Record and Playback
    • Record a current session or schedule a future recording of a port’s activity, and play it back from anywhere.
  • Remote Classroom
    • Let multiple users view the one terminal at the same time, or view multiple terminals in a chain.
  • Chat Window
    • Allows host and remote users to converse on screen. Participants are identified by user name and tty address.
  • Screen Blanking
    • Blank the host screen so that it no longer interacts with the running session. Display a customized message on the blanked screen.
  • Terminal Translation
    • Proprietary terminal translation database ensures an accurate screen image across terminal types.
  • Robust Security
    • Define which users and/or terminals may run DoubleVision Pro and connect to each host server.

Please contact us or visit iTivity’s website for more information.