RedHat offers technology solutions built on the benefits of Linux and open source software and has strengthened their alliances with major technology leaders such as Oracle, Dell and HP. RedHat Linux Advanced Server is the premier technology solution for deployment of mission-critical applications. This software is delivered on an annual subscription basis along with RedHat Network for software distribution and platform management and RedHat Services for skilled support.

RedHat offers a number of industry-leading open source applications for web, development and collaboration, including Stronghold, GNUPro and CCM.

Product Features

  • Choose a personal desktop, workstation, server or custom installation program. Or, upgrade an existing system.
  • Package selection interface shows detailed descriptions of packages with choice to install or omit.
  • The first time a system is booted after installation, the Setup Agent gives step by step guidance for setting up date and time, sound card testing, registering for Red Hat Network, and installing additional software.
  • Red Hat Bluecurve graphical interface, & unified look, from installation through daily usage.
    Improved menu organization for more convenient access to frequently used tools and applications.

For more information, please contact us or visit RedHat’s website.