We offer service featuring and for the following software packages:

Name: FilePro Type: Database

Description: Our premier product and service, filePro 16+ database allows us to design custom applications quickly and powerfully. We have yet to find an application that filePro can’t handle. Magnatech offers product sales, support, and custom programming for this product.

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Name: Facetwin Type: Terminal Emulator

Description: When we connect server based character applications to Windows computers, we need a mechanism to display the character applications called a terminal emulator. Our favorite one to date has been Facetwin.

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Name: Anzio by Rasmussen SoftwareType: Terminal Emulator

Description: Don’t need the bells, whistles, and price of the Facetwin file & print services for your terminal emulation needs? Try Anzio – lowest price per user of any such solution, for simply a great terminal emulator solution to connect your Windows PCs to Unix, whether you are into networking or serial connections.

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Name: XinuosType: Operating System

Description: Formerly simply SCO, the brand owning this operating system is now named Xinuos, yet still offers the same top quality SCO products. At Magnatech, our premier server operating system is SCO Unix and Openserver is our top seller. The Xinuos SCO product line is our favorite because of its stability and power.

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Name: Esker VSI-Fax Type: Fax Server Software

Description: With VSI-Fax, from Esker Software, we setup a client-server fax solution. VSI-Fax connects to a modem on the server (NT, Unix, or Linux) and offers fax services to any Windows client.

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Name: Reform by FabSoftType: Forms

Description: Reform is another printing tool – it competes with Forms Electric, and works well with filePro. The main difference with Reform is that it requires an Always-On PC running Windows to run.

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Name: Microlite Edge Type: Backup Solution

Description: So you’ve built a complex server, have it tailored perfectly to the way you want it to work, have tons of data stored on it, and use it every day. Don’t lose sleep about losing all the work you put in! Allow Microlite to be the backup solution that will protect you.

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Name: iTivity Double Vision (formerly Tridia)Type: Security

Description: Do you need to better supervi and assist employees? Would you like to help your computer rookies learn their application? Have a security problem? I you answered yes to any of these questions, then Double Vision may be the choice for you. 

Name: NakivoType: Backup, Storage, and Disaster Protection

Description: Nakivo is a fast, reliable, and affordable solution for backup, replication, and recovery of private and public cloud environments offering a wide array of crucial services.

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Name: VMware (vSphere & ESXi)Type: Server and Storage Virtualization

Description: VMware ESXi is a purpose-built bare-metal hypervisor that installs directly onto a physical server. With direct access to and control of underlying resources, ESXi is more efficient than hosted architectures and can effectively partition hardware to increase consolidation ratios and cut costs for our customers.

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Name: Redhat  Type: Operating System

Description: Decided you love Unix but not the price of Xinuos/SCO? Want to take a less expensive plunge into the power of Unix? Thinking about a quick server for Internet related projects? After evaluating several brands, Magnatech has decided to serve up Red Hat as our Linux offering.

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