We offer a broad range of software and hardware products to our customers. Magnatech provides unparalleled service and support for each and every one of the products we offer. Visit one of the pages below to explore what Magnatech can do for you.

  • Software Products

    • From operating systems, to databases, to terminal emulators, to backups, security, and more, Magnatech has numerous software products that can meet all of our customers need.
    • Our signature products and services include filePro, facetWin, Nakivo, Anzio, and Microlite.
    • Click the link above to see our complete list of software products.






  • Hardware & Peripherals

    • Magnatech also offers a variety of hardware and related service that is of use to any business that needs reliable and top quality computers and equipment. Click the link above to view the brands and products we offer.