Website Design 
Basic website design for business-presence type sites.

Web Application Design 
Web based application programming for general purpose software and customer/provider interaction using traditional CGI/HTML interface/backend design or Java Application. We can
help you transform your old applications to web-based ones which you, employees, customers or vendors may access over the web in a secured fashion.

Streaming Audio and Video Delivery
Take advantage of this cutting-edge technology and deliver live or on-demand streaming content to your audience. Have employees who can’t make it to meetings? Using this technology you can record your meetings and make the available over your Intranet for the absentees to view at their convenience so they don’t skip a beat. Use this technology as a cost effective alternative to an expensive video surveillance setup, with our software, we keep costs low while making your surveillance streams viewable from any computer with an Internet connection, anywhere! Click here to receive information from MBSI regarding others way this new technology is being used and how we can fit it into your organization and your budget.

Web/Mail Hosting 
Hosting packages from basic (25-150MB), outsourced ones to setting up your own in-house presence.

Server Support and Management 
Apache, Apache-SSL, Sendmail, MMDF, Qmail, Samba, SSH, FTP, SFTP, Java Applets, CGI (Perl, PHP, ServerSide JavaScript), etc.

Remote database hosting and data warehousing, DSL, network design and implementation, VPN (connect together branch offices and give access to telecommuters), graphics design (simple logos, etc), router/firewall configurations, security audits/updates, automated network monitoring, and more.


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