filePro Programming 

Our wizards can work magic with this great tool. Why settle for molding your business around some canned application when you can have an application customized to the way you do business using one of the fastest application development tools around? Depending on the project, location, preferences, amount of integration, etc., we will write applications either from our offices or at your site. Click here for more information.

System Administration
Do you really need a computer staff on-hand at all times? Many of our customers have found that with employee costs, turnover, and remote access, it is easier and more cost effective to outsource this job or entire department to us!

Web Programming, Integration, Hosting, Setup and Design
Are you getting the exposure you need? Are you taking advantage of the vast explosion of the internet for sales, employee productivity, or other area? You should! Let one of our experts meet with you and show you how this dynamic medium can help your business.
Click here for more information on our web services.

Disaster Recovery Planning
Recent tragic events have shown us the value of disaster recovery planning. We have contracted with a local disaster recovery center in Long Island (NY) who specializes in small to mid-sized businesses (SMB). The SMB market can now enjoy the same level of protection as the large companies at fair and reasonable prices. If some horrific event renders your business offices unusable, what would you do? Plan ahead and you’ll be back up and running the next day. Services include desks, server, workstations, network, dot-matrix and laser printers, copiers, faxes, high-speed internet access, phones, voice mail, conference room and some executive offices.

Technical Support
Whether via web, phone, email, or fax, our technicians are available to offer prompt, courteous, and helpful answers to your problems.