Quick Facts

  • Anzio’s SSH/telnet client (a.k.a. terminal emulator) has a pedigree stretching back 30 years, yet is as up-to-date as your latest Microsoft Windows OS.
  • Anzio Lite has support for VTxxx, Wyse, Linux, and SCOANSI; various character encodings and menu languages; and screen sizes.
  • AnzioWin has all that plus point-and-shoot file transfer, sophisticated client-side printing, macros, and more.
    • Other versions and software are available for users with different needs
  • Current version: 17.1
  • Owned by Rasmussen Software Inc.

Product Features

  • Clean, robust terminal emulation
  • Print screen/window
  • Pass-through print / Mouse-to-host options
  • TCP/ip (telnet or SSH) or Serial Connection
  • Print Wizard, Keyboard Remapping and Macros (Anzio Win version only)

For more information, please contact us or visit Anzio’s website