Microlite enables you to quickly and easily recover your system in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure. We feel it the the most sophisticated Crash Recovery solution available today.

Magnatech offers support for Microlite’s latest products, including BackupEDGE™ 3.02.01, a high performance, easy to use, fully integrated backup, restore and bare metal disaster recovery software product for Linux® and UNIX® operating systems.


  • Complete Backup Solution / Full Data / Media Verification
  • Data compression and encryption using a modern algorithm
  • EDGEMENU Menu Interface
    • The tri-mode management interface runs on the graphical desktop or can be enabled as a web service and run remotely from a Java-equipped web browser. It may also be run in legacy character mode from the character console or from terminals and terminal emulators.
  • Full support of cloud (internet) backups
  • Supports the industry’s widest variety of storage devices
    • Includes traditional tape drives, Blu-ray Disc™ (BD-RE), DVD and CD writers, tape changers, libraries and autoloaders, and USB and SATA flash drives, disk drives and cartridges.
  • Virtual File Support
  • Unattended Operation with multiple notification avenues
  • Emergency Recovery Disk Set
  • Raw Device Backups
  • A backup scheduler, which is one of the most flexible in the industry, combining Date, Time, Domain and Backup Type with Resource Quotas and Retention Times, allowing users to create simple or highly configurable storage strategies.

Please contact us or visit Microlite’s website for more information.